Write an article about a coincidence. Your article should have a catchy title. Use paragraphs.


Can you believe this!

On a sunny June day in 2006, a girl called Eva Schiff was walking home from school when she suddenly saw a credit card which was lying on the street. She picked it up and saw there was her mum's name on it. At home she gave it to her mum. Her mum was so happy that she gave Eva a present - a new CD by Ed Sheeran, Eva's favourite singer.

A year later the same thing happened to her. It was also in June and the weather was sunny. Eva Schiff was walking home from school when she noticed a credit card on the ground. She stopped to pick it up and couldn't believe her eyes. The card belonged to her father.

Back at home she gave the card to her father and the next day her father gave her a small box. She opened it and took out a CD. It was the same CD her mother had given her a year before. What a coincidence!