Concert photo by Stux


Write an email to an English friend about the concert you visited at the weekend. Whose concert was it? Who did you go with? Did you like the concert? If yes, why. Write something about the singer or band. Is the singer/band famous? Did you like the songs? 


Dear Tommy,

I hope you are well and you had a good start into the new school year. I am fine and I would like to tell you about the concert at Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna on Saturday. I went there with my sister, Karin. 

The concert was brilliant. Ed Sheeran is a fantastic singer and an amazing performer. As you know he has already topped the charts with many of his songs. He also won many awards. At the concert he sang his greatest hits: Shape of You, Thinking Out Loud, and, of course The A Team his first hit in England in 2011. 

I don’t care about the lyrics, but the tunes of his songs are very catchy. Some people danced to the music and we all had a great time. I also bought his new CD and we can both listen to it, when you come round.

See you soon.



Dear Anna,

How are you? I am fine and I must tell you about the concert by Justin Timberlake I saw last Saturday.  I got the tickets for my 13th birthday from my mum and we went to the concert together. 

As you know, Justin is a talented musician and an incredible singer. His performance on stage was simply brilliant. He was wearing a white suit while other musicians were wearing black clothes, and it looked fantastic. Justin knows what it takes to make a great show. 

I don't care much about the lyrics, I like catchy tunes. Justin started his career in 1995 but released his first solo album called Justified in 2002. Many of his songs became great hits and during the concert he sang many of them. My favourite is Cry Me a River

Have you been to any concert? Please write soon.