by Margaret, 10th May 2019.

This week many students take their final exams and they will have to write a text or two in English for their English exam. Here are some general tips and advice: 

  1. Read carefully the instruction (what you are expected to write) and before you start writing, make a list of ideas you are going to focus on.
  2. Make your writing interesting and personal. If you have to express your opinion (essay, blog), do it. Let the readers know what your opinion on a given subject is.

  3. Don’t forget about paragraphs (Absätze). A paragraph is a small chunk of writing starting with a sentence which summarizes what comes in that paragraph.

  4. Use linking words (Bindewörter) to link your sentences within a text and words within a sentence. You can download a list of linking words from here.

  5. Depending on the text, use a wide range of words and expressions, appropriate tense forms and adverbs.

  6. Don’t forget about using the “direct speech” (Direkte Rede) when you write a story.
Writing a text in English