Lupe: Antworten zu den grammatischen Übungen

Hier findest du die Antworten

Verwende das Present Continuous:

  1. Betty is learning how to play ice hockey.
  2. They are lying in the sun. 
  3. My sister is travelling in Thailand.
  4. Peter is looking at the stars through the telescope. 
  5. am watching a documentary about old castles. 
  6. You are doing your homework. 
  7. Look, your ice cream is melting
  8. I can't go out now. It is raining
  9. We are having lunch. 
  10. Her brothers are doing Sudoku puzzles. 
  11. The cat is sleeping on the sofa. 
  12. Who is singing so beautifully?

 Stell die Fragen.

  1. Is he drinking orange juice?
  2. Is mum sleeping in the living room?
  3. Are you surfing the net now?
  4. Are we learning to swim?
  5. Are my friends having a good time at the moment?
  6. Is the dog chasing a cat?
  7. Is Dad lying on the sofa?
  8. Am I doing an English exercise?
  9. Are you making tea?
  10. Are the children running?
  11. Is my sister buying a book online?
  12. Am I seeing Mark tomorrow?

Verneine die Sätze im Present Continuous.

  1. It isn't raining.
  2. The dogs aren't barking.
  3. The girl isn't learning French.
  4. Mum isn't making dinner.
  5. Many people aren't buying new mobile phones nowadays.
  6. He isn't working hard.
  7. Mr Brown isn't talking to a new customer.
  8. Grandparents aren't watching TV.
  9. The boys aren't playing volleyball at the beach.
  10. I'm not meeting him tomorrow.
  11. She isn't travelling to Thailand now.
  12. The students aren't listening to their teacher.