Karteien für More! 4

Many students have problems with mastering English because they do not learn vocabulary on a regular basis. I give one-to-one private lessons to students and I have noticed that the new Unit has been finished but the new words have not been mastered. Many students leave it until the test (Schularbeit).

The best way to improve English is to master grammar, learn new words and then use both, words and grammar, properly. I know that is better said than done.

To learn a word a learner has to repeat it a couple of times. It is not enough to read a new word once, not even twice. It has to be repeated ten times over a couple of weeks. 

Modern technology is here to help us. Nowadays there are many ways to learn vocabulary. One of the best sites to practice new words online is  QUIZLET. I strongly recommend it although there are pros and cons of this method. Sitting in front of the computer may bring distraction. Instead of practicing, a student may be tempted to play games online or visit other websites.

I suggest making simple vocabulary cards for each unit of the book. On one side of the card, there is an English word, on the other side its German equivalent.

We have just started preparing vocabulary cards for each unit of the books, More 3 and More 4. As of now, you can find on this website vocabulary sheets for Unit 1 More 4 - Welcome to Ireland - in the pdf format.

All you have to do is:

Please let me know if you like the vocabulary cards and whether it was easy to prepare them.

All the vocabulary worksheets will be available at winton.at/More-4 or winton.at/More-3.

Happy Learning!

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