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Das Verb "be" - Fragen


He is at home. - Er ist zu Hause.
Is he at home? - Ist er zu Hause?

Das Verb "be" Person Deutsch
Am  I at home? Bin ich zu Hause?
Are you at home? Bist du zu Hause?
Is she at home? Ist sie zu Hause?
Is he at home? Ist er zu Hause?
Is it at home? Ist es zu Hause?
Are we at home? Sind wir zu Hause?
Are you at home? Seid ihr zu Hause?
Are they at home? Sind sie zu Hause?

"Ja" oder "Nein" Antworten

"Yes" Antwort Kurzform "No" Antwort Kurzform
Yes, I am. - No, I am not. -
Yes, you are. - No, you are not. No, you aren't.
Yes, she is. - No, she is not. No, she isn't.
Yes, he is. - No, he is not. No, he isn't.
Yes, it is. - No, it is not. No, it isn't.
Yes, we are. - No, we are not. No, we aren't.
Yes, you are. - No, you are not. No, you aren't.
Yes, they are. - No, they are not. No, they aren't.


Weitere Beispiele

Are you hungry? - Yes, I am.
- Hast du Hunger? - Ja.
Are you thirsty? - No, I am not.
- Hast du Durst? - Nein.

Is he at home? - Yes, he is.
- Ist er zu Hause? - Ja.
Is Dad at home? - No, he isn't.
- Ist Papa zu Hause? - Nein.

Are my friends in the park? - Yes, they are.
- Sind meine Freunde im Park? - Ja.
Are John and Mary friends? - No, they aren't.
- Sind John und Mary Freunde? - Nein.


Wenn mehr Informationen erforderlich sind, müssen Fragen mit den folgenden Wörtern beginnen.

WHAT (was)
WHO (wer)
WHEN (wann)
WHERE (wo)
WHY (warum)
HOW OFTEN (wie oft)
WHAT TIME (wann)

  Das Verb "be" Person Deutsch
Where am  I Wo bin ich?
Where are you Wo bist du?
Where is she Wo ist sie?
Where is he Wo ist er?
Where is it Wo ist es?
Where are we Wo sind wir ?
Where are you Wo seid ihr?
Where are they Wo sind sie?

Mache einen Satz aus den Wörtern. Passe auf die korrekte Form auf.

  1.  ______________ (be) you, at work?
  2. ______________  (be) where, he?
  3. ______________  (be) I, lucky?
  4. ______________  (be) boys are girls, at school?
  5. ______________  (be) it, cold, today?
  6. ______________  (be) she, married?
  7. ______________  (be) you, hungry?
  8. ______________  (be) I, in Vienna?
  9. ______________  (be) how old, your brother?
  10. ______________  (be) where, the children?
  11. ______________  (be) what colour, buses, in England?
  12. ______________  (be) what, your e-mail address?
  13. ______________  (be) when, your birthday?
  14. ______________  (be) they, in the office?
  15. ______________  (be) what colour, his car?


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